What to do with airline and travel credit cards amid coronavirus

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With so many Americans canceling travel plans due to the coronavirus pandemic, what will credit card consumers do with their travel and airline rewards points?

No doubt, U.S. adults are shying away from travel during COVID-19. According to a recent Harris Poll, just 33% of Americans say they’ll stay in a hotel and 28% say they’ll avoid flying until the pandemic clears – whenever that might transpire.

In the meantime, how should credit cardholders handle their travel and airline rewards points and perks – whether they plan to fly or not? Credit card experts have a few thoughts on that topic, with these strategies making their way to the top of the travel and airline “to do” list:

Take advantage of new card offers

For the most part, travel-heavy cards have added additional bonus categories, and cardholders should take a closer look. Credible can help give you an overview of the cards and what’s available……Read More>>


Source:- foxbusiness